Can State Hire Anyone Other Than Gary Henderson?

Gary Henderson

Mississippi State has moved within one game of the national championship series. Coach Gary Henderson has worked magic with the program in the last 4 months.
So, can State Hire Anyone Other Than Gary Henderson?

Not only no, but hell no. 
There is no coach anywhere in the country who has done more to earn a job than Gary Henderson at Mississippi State. I’m not saying this because MSU is sitting at 2-0 in the CWS. I was calling for Henderson to get the job after they won the regional. 
State was DEAD in the water in early April. 2-7 in the SEC and just .500 overall. Cannizaro’s BS had destroyed the program. Somehow, Henderson and crew were able to gather the pieces and go on an epic run. Now, they are in the final four in this tournament and looking to move into the national title series.
That doesn’t happen without the expertise of Gary Henderson.

Hiring the “Elite” Coach

State is a very good job and the new Dudy Noble is going to make it even better. But elite college baseball coaches don’t change jobs. They don’t move around because they don’t need to. They can accomplish everything they want at places like TCU and Louisville and Oregon State.
Baseball has grown bigger than ever which means more money for salaries and facilities. The small handful of top coaches no longer have to go to an old school power to win big. They can do it without the pressure or competition of the SEC.
And now, after a deep run in Omaha, anyone hired in Starkville would face unfair comparisons to what was accomplished in 2018.
Everyone wants a big-name coach but there are very few to go around. University of Texas fans were forced to settle for lowly David Pierce. Their fans hated the hire and guess where they are now? Sitting right there with you in Omaha.
The only play is to hire Gary Henderson and lock up Jake Gautreau to a multi-year deal that keeps him at State for a long time. The Bulldogs have a good thing going right now and this coaching staff has tapped into something unique. And they’ve brought out the best in these players.
Beyond on the field considerations, Andy Cannizaro embarrassed your program. Henderson is a good man and will represent State the right way.


Towns played baseball for Houston in the mid-90’s. He is most famous for walking 9 LSU batters in just 3 innings.

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